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Mount Fuji, Japan
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Mount Fuji, Japan

The right balance of a cool head and warm feet for a great night’s sleep

In traditional Japanese medicine great value is attached to the philosophical principle of “cool head and warm feet” (su-kan soku-netsu). It is considered the healthiest state, where everything in the body can be in optimal balance. On the other hand, those who have a warm head and cold feet, become unbalanced and can suffer from many ailments, such as headaches, irritability, muscle pain, stiff neck, poor digestion, nervousness and insomnia. Sleeping with a buckwheat pillow and the well-being of the body is also compared to the volcano; Fujiama which is hot deep in the earth (warm feet) while on top there is eternal snow (cool head).

Plant-based materials form a natural basis

Buckwheat hulls are naturally hypo-allergenic. This means that it is impossible for bacteria, fungi and dust mites to settle in the material. A hygienic pillow and suitable for allergy sufferers.

The strength lies in this special, plant-based filling. With the cotton cover, this buckwheat pillow is completely vegan! Buckwheat hulls are also a by-product of the food industry, which makes it very sustainable.

All our buckwheat pillows are filled with organically grown buckwheat. The amount of filling required can be easily adjusted to the needs of your body. The excess filling can be saved for later use. This also promotes the life of a buckwheat pillow that can last up to 5 years with the right care.

Shoulder, neck and back pains are a thing of the past

Finding the right amount of buckwheat filling is essential for optimal sleeping comfort. By putting your body in the correct sleeping position, shoulder, neck and back pain will reduce or even disappear! Proper support during sleep can even help with snoring.

The buckwheat hulls adapt to the shape of your shoulder and neck. The head is fully supported. It fills up all the space effortlessly. This creates the right support in every sleeping position. Only then can the body fully relax in order to recover optimally. This is important since you spend well over a third of your life asleep. So take the time to find the right amount of filling. This can take a number of nights and adjustments. After that you will never want another pillow.



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