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Flora (own brand) Kids/Travel buckwheat pillow + pillowcase


Flora Kids/Travel is the smallest buckwheat pillow. With a size of 40 x 28 cm, the pillow is excellent as a first pillow for children from the age of two years. Partly because the filling can be fully adjusted/built up along with the growth and needs of the child.

Flora Kids/Travel is handy for traveling or as an extra headrest on the couch, in the car or in bed while reading.

For extra support for the lower back and/or pelvis, place the pillow between your knees when lying on your side or below the knees when lying on your back. With the right amount of filling it is possible to transform Flora Kids/Travel into your dream pillow. A handy and versatile pillow size.

Flora buckwheat pillow is filled with organically grown buckwheat and comes with a pillowcase, made of 100% Percale cotton.

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Buckwheat hulls have a ventilating property. As a result, body heat and moisture are immediately cleared away and the pillow remains extremely cool and hygienic. Dust mites, fungi and bacteria cannot settle in the pillow. This makes it hypo-allergenic and excellent for allergy sufferers.

Buckwheat hulls are unique in the degree of moldability. Due to the right amount of hulls in a pillow, it easily positions itself under shoulder and neck and the head is fully supported. All this results in complete support and relaxation of muscles and joints. The correct sleeping position prevents neck and shoulder complaints and can even stop snoring.

The origin of a buckwheat pillow lies in Asia generations ago. In Asia people have been sleeping on pillows filled with buckwheat hulls for centuries and it is still one of the most popular pillows today because of its health benefits.

A pillow is a very personal belonging. The correct amount of filling is very important to achieve your ideal buckwheat pillow. You can easily adjust the amount of buckwheat hulls via the zipper in the side seam. Read how!


Flora (own brand)


40 x 28 cm


Percale cotton


YKK zipper in side seam


Organic buckwheat hulls


±1 KG (depending on the buckwheat harvest)


Percale cotton (included)

In the box

Flora Kids/Travel buckwheat pillow
Flora Kids/Travel pillowcase
Paper bag (for the excess buckwheat hulls)



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