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Boekweitveld in bloei
Buckwheat field in bloom & Flora originated from the desire to share. We are grateful that we can contribute to the health of people and the environment.

Fascinated by the Japanese buckwheat pillow concept, our Flora house brand was created. Its name is due to the beautiful buckwheat flower, which is small in itself but very powerful in quantity.

With Flora we hope to reach as many people as possible so everyone can experience the buckwheat pillow concept. Sleeping well is extremely important. It has a direct impact on your health.

Quality is our top priority. With this in mind, we went looking for the materials for Flora buckwheat pillow.


With respect for the Japanese origin, we decided to make Flora from 100% cotton. Percale cotton to be precise. A cotton fabric with a high thread count of 200 is called Percale. Thread count indicates the weave density of the fabric. Literally the number of threads per square inch woven into a piece of fabric. This makes it super strong. It is a relatively light material which improves the formability of the filling – the buckwheat hulls. Percale cotton is a widely used textile in the bedding industry. That is why you get a Percale cotton pillowcase with every Flora Buckwheat pillow.

Curious about a more premium buckwheat pillow? We also offer sobbo buckwheat pillows.


sobbo buckwheat pillows originated from a passion for natural materials. The buckwheat pillow concept has been optimized to a level that it has not yet known. In other words, it has been modernized to today’s standard. With people and nature as a clear focus in the foreground, we have continued to develop it into an extremely sustainable product.

Every detail has been thoroughly researched and considered. For example, a high-quality pillow cover made from GOTS certified cotton has been chosen to guarantee fair and healthy conditions for farmers and agricultural land.

There is consideration for the ecological process. No harmful pesticides are used at sobbo. A conscious choice was made to make the supplied pillowcase from Tencel ™. This super soft plant-based material comes from the eucalyptus tree and is made into textiles in a very modern process. Also called a “closed-loop system”: water is reused for a long period of time and – compared to cotton processing – it is used very economically.

The enthusiasm of the founders can be felt. Each product is made by themselves and shipped from their own studio in the Netherlands.

All products on are filled with 100% organic buckwheat hulls. We package to size as much as possible and free of plastics.

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