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Personalise your pillow in 3 steps

  1. Stand your buckwheat pillow upright with the zipper up so you don’t waste buckwheat filling. Adjust the filling as needed. You do this by opening the zipper and removing some filling – with the help of a cup, for example. You put the excess filling in the supplied bag. Then close the zipper.
  2. Test the pillow by lying in your favorite sleeping position. Do this on your mattress, as this will affect the amount of filling required. Note: it is important that your spine is straight and that your head and neck are fully supported. Repeat these steps until you lie ergonomically.
  3. Close the paper bag with excess filling. Store this bag in a dry place for possible refills in the future. Put the pillowcase around your buckwheat pillow and start enjoying the many benefits.


Use the box your pillow came in when adjusting the filling to avoid spilling.

Make a well

Make a well in the pillow to put your head in. Do this with your hand in the center of the pillow. When you lay your head in the well you will notice that the pillow fills the space around your neck. This provides the right support and aligns your head with your spine. The pillow stimulates the correct lying position. You can also make a well for your ear. Play with shaping your buckwheat pillow. Once you have found the right position, you relax completely and feel that you are supported by the resilient buckwheat hulls.



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