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Buckwheat hulls


Place your buckwheat pillow in the sun regularly to evaporate any moisture.
If you want to ventilate intensively, it is good to air the buckwheat hulls completely. You can remove the filling from the inner cover and spread it over a large sheet. Leave it indoors for 1 to 2 days or in direct sunlight for several hours.

How long does a buckwheat pillow last?

Buckwheat pillows last 3 to a maximum of 5 years. It is advisable to completely renew the filling (the buckwheat hulls) after 5 years with a new batch. This also gives you the option to wash the cover and freshen up your entire buckwheat pillow.

Replacing the buckwheat hulls

In the following cases it is advisable to (partially) replace the buckwheat filling:

  • It may be that the buckwheat filling loses its resilience somewhat after a while, resulting in the pillow having less volume. In this case, use the leftover buckwheat hulls you saved earlier to refill the pillow or replace some of it.
  • After a few years of use, the buckwheat filling may look different. For example, the hulls have fallen into small pieces or they are somewhat flattened. In this too it is advisable to (partly) replace the filling.
  • If you accidentally spill with, for example, sweet drinks or wine, we recommend replacing the buckwheat filling completely.

Finally, our advice is to replace the buckwheat hulls with new ones over time. This is to ensure optimal functioning of the pillow. overused hulls no longer provide the support they once had. The moldable, airy character can be lost. It is therefore important to restore the original quality of the pillow if it feels different over time than when it was purchased.

Take good care of your buckwheat pillow and you will enjoy it for years!


Refill your buckwheat pillow in 4 steps:

  1. Empty the buckwheat filling through the zipper in the side seam. The buckwheat hulls can be disposed of as organic materials or used as ground cover in the garden.
  2. Make sure the pillow cover is dry.
  3. Refill the pillow via the zipper in the side seam. It may help to use a funnel with a wide opening for this. A box as a receptacle can prevent waste.
  4. Always test the amount of filling according to your body’s needs.

You can use again it for years to come! Read more about setting it up here.

Pillowcase and Cover


Buckwheat pillows will last a long time with proper maintenance. Firstly, it is important that you wash the pillowcase regularly so that the buckwheat pillow itself requires less maintenance.

Wash the cover

The Flora buckwheat pillow cover is made of Percale cotton and can be washed in the washing machine at 40 ℃. The buckwheat filling must not be taken into the washing machine.

If you want to wash the pillow cover, you can temporarily store the buckwheat filling in a pillowcase or bucket. Do not put the buckwheat hulls back in the cover until it is completely dry!
(read: above how you can do that “Refilling”)

The buckwheat filling itself does not need to be washed, as bacteria do not settle there. If you accidentally spill liquid on your pillow, remove the cover as soon as possible. As long as you dry the buckwheat hulls quickly, this will not affect the quality.

Drying the cover

We advise to let cover dry on the clothesline or rack.

Washing the pillowcase

The Flora pillowcase is made of cotton and can be washed in the washing machine on a normal washing program up to 40 ℃. You can use fabric softener to make ironing easier.

Drying the pillowcase

The Flora pillowcase can be tumble-dried, preferably at a low temperature. However, we advise to let it dry on the clothesline or rack; better for the environment and less wrinkles.


You can iron the pillow and pillowcase at a maximum temperature of 110 ℃ (•).



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