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30 day return policy

Because a new pillow always takes some getting used to, we offer you plenty of time to try it out. A buckwheat pillow in particular can take some time to get used to and to find the right amount of filling that supports you well. A pillow is a personal item that you use every day. We therefore recommend that you use the 30 day period to find out whether a buckwheat pillow suits you.

Return costs are not covered

Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse the costs for the return shipment and we will explain why. If you return your buckwheat pillow, we have to break down a large part of the product, because we can no longer sell it (think of the pillowcase and the cover). We think it is important that our customers receive a new, hygienic product. We prefer not to waste material. That is why we try to recycle the broken down raw materials, but unfortunately something is always lost. With this return policy we hope to prevent people from ordering and returning (unfortunately this happens a lot when people shop online), but only do this when there is real interest.

When returning you (the customer) must organise the shipment to our office in the Netherlands and cover the cost for the return shipment. Prior to returning make sure you send an E-mail stating the ordernumber to When we receive the return shipment we will check it and if all is OK we will transfer the purchase amount back to you.

Return address:
Snelliusweg 57
6827 DG, Arnhem
the Netherlands



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